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10 East 76th Street, Manhattan, US
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Extreme light exceptional ceiling height... phenomenal rooftop views!

With approximately 12,380 interior square feet, 2,500 exterior square feet, and 13 foot majestic ceilings, this unique limestone mansion is offered for sale for $29.95 million (or for a Digital Currency equivalent to 1.5 times USD offered price). Along with USD, the Seller will accept payment in Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Ripple.

Nothing speaks more truth of a New York City mansion than a proper entrance which emotes a sense of heft and a welcoming arrival; soaring ceilings creating voluminous rooms, and as is with everything in real estate - location, location, location.

Fabulously situated on a premier block of the Upper East Side's Gold Coast between Fifth and Madison Avenues, this palatial 22-foot wide townhome is the tallest townhome on the block, towering above all the others around it. Built circa 1904 by architects Schwartz and Gross (renown for building The Mark and The Surrey hotels), 10 East 76th Street offers a sublime sanctuary zoned for residential or, residential with professional space on the Garden Floor. This majestic beaux-art home is fully built to the building lot and features an expansive roof terrace structurally designed to sustain a reflecting pool, a side terrace on the Garden Floor, soaring ceilings and fantastic light.

A grand, solid-bronze gated entrance leads into an elegant entry vestibule which opens into a stately marbled reception gallery with an impressive wood-burning fireplace and original mosaic tiled floors that have an added European patina. A white marble staircase graciously curves its way to the upper floors. Beyond the reception gallery, through a private door, leads to what was formerly three professional offices.

For 24 years, this majestic limestone mansion served as a family compound for its European owner, affording seven private living areas including the Fifth and Sixth Floors combined as a separate penthouse. This allowed for extended family and close friends to live together under the same roof and yet, living separately with a certain amount of privacy.

The home's grand scale and impressive potential to be reconfigured into a full, single family mansion is apparent on each floor's 10 to 13 foot ceilings and extra-wide landing areas. There are twelve working wood-burning fireplaces including two outdoor fireplaces located on the Sixth Floor and Roof Terraces. An outdoor lift from the Sixth Floor Terrace ascends to the expansive Roof Terrace, providing a towering, 360 degree view of Manhattan's skyline.

The expansive Lower Level is built-out the full length and width of the building lot and boasts unusually high ceilings, a laundry facility, staff room quarters, storage, mechanical storage and a vast vault under the sidewalk that partially extends underneath East 76th Street, supplemented by an outdoor lift to street-level.

A rare and extraordinary opportunity to own an impressive lime-stone façade, beaux-art townhouse in a prime Gold Coast location with the structural bones to create an exquisite single family mansion of distinguished taste. Co-Exclusive.

极端轻非凡的天花板高度...... 令人难忘的屋顶景观! & lt; 约 12, 380 室内平方英尺, 2, 500 平方英尺的外部平方英尺, 和13英尺雄伟的天花板, 这独特的石灰石豪宅是以2995亿美元出售 (或一个数字货币相当于1.5倍美元提供的价格)。 与美元一起, 卖方将接受比特币、以太或里普利的付款. & lt; p & gt; 没有什么比一个合适的入口更能说明纽约市豪宅的真相, 它具有一种重量感和欢迎的到来;高耸的天花板创造了大量的房间, 和房地产的一切一样-位置, 位置, 位置. & lt; 令人恐惧的坐落在上东区的黄金海岸第五和麦迪逊大道之间的首要街区, 这宫殿般的22英尺宽镇之家是小区里最高的城镇住宅, 高耸高于周围的其他人。 大约在1904年由建筑师施瓦茨和格罗斯 (著名的建筑马克和萨里酒店), 10 东76街提供了一个崇高的避难所地带的住宅或住宅与专业空间的花园地板。 这个雄伟的美丽的艺术家园是完全建成的建筑地段, 并设有一个宽敞的屋顶露台结构设计, 以维持一个反射池, 花园地板上的一个侧露台, 高耸的天花板和梦幻般的灯光。门控入口通向一个优雅的入口前厅, 打开进入一个庄严的大理石接待画廊, 有一个令人印象深刻的燃木壁炉和原始的马赛克瓷砖地板, 有一个额外的欧洲粉红。 白色的大理石楼梯优雅地弯曲到楼上。 在接待处外, 通过一扇私人门, 通往以前的三个专业办公室. & lt; p & gt; 24年来, 这座雄伟的石灰石豪宅一直是其欧洲业主的家庭大院, 提供了七个私人生活区, 其中包括第五层和第六层合并为一个独立的顶楼。这使得大家庭和好友可以在同一个屋檐下生活, 然而, 与一定数量的隐私分开生活. & lt; p & gt; 房子的宏伟规模和令人印象深刻的潜力被重组为一个完整的, 单一的家庭豪宅是在每层10至13英尺的天花板和超宽着陆场都很明显。这里有12个工作的烧木壁炉, 包括位于六楼和屋顶露台的两个室外壁炉。 从六楼露台的室外电梯上升到广阔的屋顶露台, 提供了曼哈顿天际线的高耸, 360度的视野. & lt; p & gt; 广阔的较低层是建立在建筑地段的全长和宽度, 并拥有异常高的高度天花板、洗衣设施、员工宿舍、仓库、机械仓库和人行道下的一个巨大的保险库, 部分延伸到东76街以下, 再加上室外电梯到街面. & lt; p & gt; 一种罕见而非凡的有机会拥有一个令人印象深刻的石灰石外观, 在黄金海岸的黄金地段的黄金艺术联排别墅与结构的骨骼, 创造一个精致的单一家庭豪宅的杰出的味道。 共同独占。

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