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92 Coopers Neck Lane, Southampton, US
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在南安普顿, 最匀称、待遇最优雅的房子之一是蒙森法官1898年为自己建造的房子。他的继承人于1904年将房产和房屋出售给了卡耐基家族, 卡耐金家族一直拥有这些房产和房屋, 直到1932年。目前的业主与一位著名的室内设计师合作, 于1994年购买了目前4.6 英亩的房产。有了一个纯种的过去和杂志出版的历史, 这个宏伟的传统家园与十英尺天花板整个建于 19世纪90年代, 并修复和翻新了目前的业主。翻修统一的空间, 打开了走廊和楼梯, 并安装了全新的管道、电力、暖气、多分区空调、新的热水器和锅炉以及新的安全系统。 广泛的重建和增加三层楼的房子, 导致了一个惊人的新厨房, 六个新的卧室和几个有盖的露台。目前的房子计划包括25个房间, 11个壁炉, 11 间卧室, 14.5个浴室, 所有与主卧室套房一起展示美丽的他和她的大理石浴室。因此, 一个家庭被许多人认为是体现了优雅的血统在其最好的静脉, 等待着另一个鉴赏家与无可挑剔的眼睛, 所有的建筑是美丽的里里外外。

One of the most finely proportioned and gracefully treated houses in Southampton is the one that Judge Monson built for himself in 1898. His heirs sold the property and home in 1904 to the Carnegie family who owned it until 1932. The current owners worked with a renowned interior designer and purchased the now 4.6 acre property in 1994. With a pedigreed past and a magazine published history, this grand traditional home with ten foot ceilings throughout was built in the 1890s and restored and renovated by the current owners. The renovation unified spaces, opened up hallways and staircases and installed completely new plumbing, electricity, heating, multi-zoned air conditioning, new water heaters and boiler as well as a new security system. Extensive reconstruction and additions to the three-story house resulted in a stunning new kitchen, six added new bedrooms and several covered terraces. The present house plan consists of 25 rooms, 11 fireplaces, 11 bedrooms, 14.5-baths, all together with the master bedroom suite showing off beautiful His and Hers marble baths. And so, a home regarded by many as embodying a pedigree of elegance in its very best vein, awaits another connoisseur with an impeccable eye for all that is beautiful in architecture both inside and out.

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