Location: US, Manhattan, 7 SUTTON SQUARE

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7 SUTTON SQUARE, Manhattan, US
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穿过庄严的前门, 进入7苏东广场无与伦比的宏伟。这个非凡的住宅坐落在独特的辉煌, 代表了一个罕见的宝藏在曼哈顿-一个33英尺宽的家在一个私人门控社区, 与非街道的私人停车位和钥匙的翠翠的私人花园俯瞰东河景观。对于那些渴望最华丽的豪宅的人来说, 这座豪宅为富有的大佬提供了最终的自由裁量权和奢华的生活。最高口径的饰面和预约等待后, 精致, 格鲁吉亚风格的外观。这座豪宅以最优雅的传统风格呈现了现代、全方位的生活的所有奢侈品. & lt; p & gt; 2008年, 该住宅进行了精心的全面装修。优雅的时期细节被大师工匠修复和复制, 而现代的便利设施是无缝安装。经典的住宅设计采用双高入口门厅, 丝状螺旋形楼梯, 最终在一个精致的玻璃圆形大厅, 凡尔赛木地板和橡木镶板定义了过去和 present.<p>7 的永恒协作苏东广场是新镀金时代的宏伟标志性住宅。

Pass through the stately front doors and into the unparalleled grandeur that is 7 Sutton Square. This extraordinary residence stands in singular magnificence and represents a rare treasure in Manhattan - a 33 foot wide home in a private gated community, with off-street private parking spaces and keys to a verdant private garden overlooking East River vistas. For those desiring the most palatial of mansions, an opportunity awaits.

The mansion offers the ultimate in discretion and luxurious living for the well-heeled mogul. The highest caliber of finishes and appointments await behind the refined, Georgian-style façade. The mansion presents all the luxuries of modern, full-service living, in the most gracious of traditional style.

In 2008, the residence underwent a meticulous full renovation. Elegant period details were restored and replicated by master artisans, while modern day conveniences were seamlessly installed. The classic residential design features double-height entry foyer, filigreed spiraling staircase culminating in an exquisite glass rotunda, parquet de Versailles wood floors and oak paneling defining the timeless collaboration of past and present.

7 Sutton Square is a grand and iconic residence for the new gilded age.

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